Website Security Testing

Whether it's just one-pager saying who you are, or a full e-commerce operation, your website is a window into your organisation. What would it say about your organisation if it was to be defaced or used to commit cyber crime? What would the impact to your organisation be if it was unavailable?

A Website Security Review provides a cost-effective way to understand the security of your organisation's website.


What if your website was vandalised?

While this would be bad, a ruined website may only be the start of your problems. Depending on how your organisation uses its website, you could also be looking at a GDPR breach.

For any large-scale or e-commerce website, we'd advise a penetration test. However penetration tests can start at £2000 + VAT for a small website. This puts security assurance out of reach for smaller organisations.

Giving robotic testing a human face

Automated security testing tools allow us to rapidly scan smaller and less complex websites from which we can gain a good understanding of where security issues may lay.

Our Website Security Testing puts these tools to work, and then explains the findings in plain English, helping you to make a risk-based decision on how to keep your organisation's website secure.


To keep the criminals out

43% of UK consumers stop associating with businesses that suffer data breaches

Don't let this be your organisation. A Website Security Test will help you find your weaknesses before the bad guys do, allowing you to get them fixed and your website secured. If a third party looks after your organisation's website, we can even liaise with them on your behalf.


Website Security Test

Including an assessment of your site and corresponding report.

From £249

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