About Willsley

Because security isn't an optional luxury

Willsley Consulting makes professional information and cyber security expertise available to firms of all sizes with a range of value-orientated services and an understanding of the demands on small to medium businesses and organisations.

What makes us special?

Try as we might, two things we'll never be able to get rid of are criminals and human error. There will always be a bad guy out to take what is yours for their own benefit, and people will always make honest mistakes. This, coupled with an ever increasing reliance on information systems and regulatory pressure to protect data is why the cyber security industry is growing so rapidly.

Larger organisations understand this, it's why they have a security team and invest in securing their people, their processes, and their technology. But what if you don't have a security team, or even an IT team? What if your organisation only has six people but you still need to secure your information without breaking the bank? This is where Willsley Consulting can help.

With a focus on small to medium-sized organisations, Willsley Consulting offers: A range of remotely-delivered fixed-cost products; services that can scale to fit your organisation's needs; and flexible availability - because not everyone works 9 to 5!

The Willsley Way

The Willsley Way is the four principles we work to with every engagement in order to help you get the most from your security investment. These are:

Clarity. We always aim to write in plain English with a minimum of buzzwords, jargon, and acronyms.

Honesty. We will only make statements of fact that are demonstrably true, and our opinions will be based off those facts alone.

Independence. We aren't affiliated or partnered with any suppliers of security products or services. As such any recommendation will be based solely on what is best for your organisation.

Integrity. We will only offer products and services based on a genuine belief that they are needed. Any work we quote to undertake will be clearly defined and clearly priced, and if nothing changes, that is the price you'll pay.

To learn more, continue exploring our website, or contact support@willsley.com